Come to The Cove @ CRB and experience a warm, inviting, coffeehouse environment
 filled with comfortable seating and a group of friends who come together
to explore some of the Bibles greatest messages.


Join anytime.

"God’s In Charge”  Where is this world going? How will it all end? Is there any answer to the suffering, pain and injustice in the world? Big Questions! And the Bible has the answer. We are studying the book of Revelation, perhaps the most fascinating and mysterious book ever written.  Revelation is the final act in God’s plan for human history, the capstone and climax of the Bible.  If Genesis, the first book in the Bible, tells us where we came from and how things went wrong, the Revelation tells us where we’re going and how God is going to set everything right.  

Sunday Morning Teaching

Each Sunday morning at 9:30 & 11am, an extraordinary Bible teacher will open up God’s Word in a way you’ve never seen before. With honest candor and a ruthless adherence to the text, the Word will be revealed and you will see the Bible come alive like never before! Join anytime.


11838 Bernardo Plaza Ct, Ste 101 (behind the Citibank building) directions

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The Cove Promo from CRB Church on Vimeo.